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Need to use a microphone?


Item Checklist

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Step-By-Step Setup Instructions

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Connect Audio Splitter to Music Source

If you are using a phone or tablet as the music source you may need an adapter.

Connect Music Source to Speaker

  1. Connect (1) Aux Cable to one end of the Audio Splitter.
  2. Connect other end of the Aux Cable to Aux Port on the Speaker.
  3. Set the Speaker to Aux Mode (if possible).
  4. Disable BlueTooth (if possible).

Connect Music Source to iRig Stream

  1. Connect (1) RCA Cable to open end of the Audio Splitter.
  2. Connect other end of the RCA Cable to iRig Stream matching the red/white colors.

Connect iRig Stream to Streaming Device

Using the supplied cable, connect the iRig Stream to your Mobile Device.

Music Source Settings

  1. Set Music Source volume to 100%.
  2. Press "Volume Down Button" 2 times.
  3. Disable BlueTooth.

At Class Time (iRig Stream)

  1. Start class normally.
  2. Play music.
  3. Turn knob on iRig Stream until the light stays steady green.

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The following are a few troubleshooting tips to address most issues related to this setup. Please feel free to Contact Us or Schedule a Consult.

  • If the music is too low/high for participants
    Press Volume Up/Down Button as desired on your Music Source.

  • If the music is distorted (underwater, tinny, canny) for participants
    Double check you performed Step 6 above. If settings are correct, press Volume Down Button on Music Source, one press at a time, until resolved.

  • If the music is too low/high for you
    Set the Speaker volume to the desired level. DO NOT use Music Source to adjust your volume. Adjusting the speaker does not affect your students.

  • If you want to speak to your students
    Disconnect the iRig Stream from your device. They will not hear music when you do this but will hear you. If you need to vocally coach your students, or would like students to hear you throughout the class, use the Mic & Mixer Method.

  • Hearing your students
    With this method you will have to disconnect the iRig Stream from your device to hear your students.

  • If your students are still hearing ambient sound
    Disconnect then reconnect the iRig Stream to your device. The lights will turn on when it is working properly.

  • If the iRig Stream is not powering on
    Disconnect then reconnect the iRig Stream to your device. Please note the lights only turn on when an application that uses the microphone is active such as Zoom or Camera.

Important Final Notes

First and foremost, thank you! Should you have any questions relating to this setup please feel free to Contact Us or Schedule a Consult.

  • Always remember to check your connections!
    • Verify all items are plugged in and tight.
    • All cables are damage free.
    • Verify items are powered on.
    • Turn off Bluetooth on music source, laptop, and speaker.
    • Set Speaker to Aux Mode (if needed).