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Your computer, router, music source, speaker, etc.

Completely Exit And Close

All applications running on your Computer. Especially anti-virus, DropBox, Adobe, Calendars, Email, browsers, & messaging apps.

  • Mac Users: make sure there is no "dot" underneath any icon in your Dock except for whichever app you're using to stream and nothing is on up by the click in the top right by the clock that uses internet.

  • Windows Users: make sure nothing is on next to the clock that uses internet or has a "light" underneath it.

Don't worry, you can turn these apps back on after you're done streaming by simply restarting again.

Disable / Reschedule Backups

If your computer does automatic daily backups. You do not want these running during class. (ie. Time Machine for Mac).

Turn Off

WiFi on all mobile devices on your network.


As many WiFi "Vampires" as possible. Especially home assistants, smart devices, and other items that "listen". Think, if the Smart Device can talk to you, control things in the house via internet, use Spotify, Disney+, or Netflix, unplug it. Don't just turn them off as that does not always shut off their connection.

Check If Items You Will Be Using Are...

  1. Downloaded for offline use
  2. Charged up
  3. Plugged in
  4. Powered on
  5. Loaded
  6. Secured

Having Internet Speed Problems?

If you're experiencing "low bars" or speeds.


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