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If you are experiencing slow internet speeds let's try to speed things up by doing the following.

Get Your Current Internet Speed

Restart your router and then check your internet speeds a few times using sites like Google or Save the results as we will use them later.


Update Router Firmware

In your Router settings follow instructions to update your firmware (see owners manual).

Reposition Your Router

As you can see from the image above, and as mentioned during WiFi 101, walls, among other things, will affect your WiFi performance. If possible place your router near the center of your home, or better yet in the same space you teach in. Also try to position it out in the open and away from other electronics.

Lift Your Router

Most routers are designed to broadcast signals slightly downward as they travel from its antenna. Additionally, as mentioned in WiFi 101, they can't easily penetrate some solid materials — metal, concrete, and cement — which may be present in your floors. If your router is on the floor, put it a few feet off the ground — perhaps on a table or bookshelf. This is also why you shouldn't put it in the basement, especially if you have a multi-story house and a concrete foundation.

Change WiFi Passwords

In your Router settings follow instructions on how to change the WiFi password (see owners manual). While yes, this may be a bit inconvenient since you'll have to log everything back in, it ensures no one but you are accessing your WiFi and it will allow for easy prioritization.

Prioritize Internet Usage And Traffic

  1. Slow Down Your 2.4g Network
    In your router settings set the 2.4g network to use the lowest speed (usually 54mbps).and 5g network the fastest speed (usually 1300mbps).

  2. Speed Up Your 5g/WiFi 6 Network
    In your router settings set the 5g/WiFi 6 networks to the fastest speed available.

  3. Tame the "Vampires"
    Connect all "WiFi Vampires" to the 2.4g network.

  4. Streaming Computers / Devices
    Ensure they have the fastest speed by connecting them to your 5g or WiFi 6 network.

Get Your New Internet Speed

Once you've completed the steps above, restart your router, and then check your internet speeds again using the same website(s) used in Step 1.

Still Having Speed Problems?

If you've tested your speeds, have a newer router, have updated your firmware, and prioritized traffic but you still have issues such as "low bars" or speeds. It's time to consider plugging into your router directly with an Ethernet Cable or using a Powerline or MoCA Adapter.

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