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Our mission is to help you succeed as a confident online group fitness instructor by arming you with the knowledge and resources you need to ensure you provide the best possible online classes for your students.

We are the #1 resource for Zumba®, Strong Nation®, and other group fitness instructors for information, recommendations, and the help needed to host their fitness classes online with the best audio and video possible.

ZeekSquad has been helping group fitness instructors, studios, and gyms since March 2020.

Yes, we do. We provide consulting for group fitness instructors, studios, and gyms. Check out our Consult Page for more information.

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“Can I just say THANK YOU to Carlos Diaz!??? I've had most things set up, but he just made my whole set up even BETTER!!! I'm soooo excited to test this out in my classes! If you need any virtual help at all, he's the guy!!!„

Veronica L.

Group Fitness Instructor

“All I can say is WOW!! Carlos is a miracle worker and helped me get my sound in order for my virtual classes. He even gave recommendations on how to stabilize my internet and lighting! If you have any IT troubles with getting your classes online, set up a super affordable consultation and let Carlos guide you!„

Heather B.

Group Fitness Instructor

“Carlos is an incredible resource of information! He patiently helped me step by step set up my tech and gave me very informed answers to my many questions regarding music copyright, liability, etc. I would highly recommend his services to anyone struggling to create a high quality virtual experience!„

Julie S.

Group Fitness Instructor