Understanding Audio and how it's used in Video

  1. When it comes to audio, a recording is pretty much the same as a live stream, the better the audio signal, the better the final video will sound. So if you record yourself with a little speaker, you will have "little" sound. If you record yourself in an "echoey" room, you will have echoes. I will recommend against recording with your phone and a speaker if you're not planning on dubbing music on the video after. (see #2)

  2. Professional videos, such as ZIN Volume ones, have the music sampled "over" the video (called dubbing), meaning using software, people overlay and synchronize original mp3 audio over the video. They even dub the crowd noises in as well! So if you want that type of sound for your videos and you do not want to spend time dubbing them, you will have to record the video on your computer with music as either a line-in or with computer sound as the source.

  3. Hardware! If you do plan on dubbing, you need a good computer with plenty of hard drive space and RAM. It's hard enough and time consuming to dub a 3 1/2 minute song, imagine doing a whole hour. Not to mention the processing time and memory required to to convert and save your "dubbed" video. This is especially true with HD video. A simple example: processing a 3 minute 1080p dubbed video using iMovie on a brand new MB Pro to an mp4 or mov file takes about 5 minutes processing. Multiply that times 14 or more when doing a whole hour class. Thats not even including the 30 mins or so it takes to just dub the video in the first place. So plan on spending about 1.5 hours minimum dubbing and processing a 1 hour class video.

Sounds complicated?

It is! But don't worry because there's are easy solutions that will give you the exact same dubbing result without the need to dub your videos.

Record in HD from your Computer
Record in HD from your Device

These videos show you the difference between dubbing and not dubbing your video.

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Audio Streaming Solutions

Direct Line-In Method

Get mp3 quality sound and the fix for video/audio synchronization issues.

Line-In with Speaker Method

Get mp3 quality sound and the fix for video/audio synchronization issues plus a speaker!

Mic & Mixer Method

Set up your microphone system using an audio mixer.

Mic & Event Speaker Method

Set up your microphone system using an event speaker with built-in audio mixer.

Mobile Line-In Method

Start streaming or recording with full mp3 quality audio through your device!